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  • 22 Apr 2023
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Hospitality Power Apps

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Fictional cases for using Microsoft Power Apps audits.

Hotel Manager

As the manager of a busy hotel, I was constantly struggling to keep track of all the different aspects of the business. From finances to customer satisfaction, there was always so much data to analyse and so little time to do it. That's when I discovered Microsoft Power Apps.

Key learning point

With the help of the customisable forms and automated data validation. Data entry became streamlined process. One data entry process removed transposition errors. This ensured that all the information was accurate. And the real-time data visualisation allowed me to quickly and easily spot any issues. That needed to be addressed.

But what really made the biggest difference for me was the collaboration feature. I was able to share data with my team and work together to make improvements to the business.

Thanks to Power Apps, I no longer feel overwhelmed by the data. I have the insights I need. To make informed decisions and improve the overall performance of my hotel. It's a game-changer!


As a housekeeper at a large hotel. My days were always filled with endless tasks and never enough time to complete them all. One of my biggest challenges was the daily room audit. The old way of doing it was time-consuming and prone to errors. But that all changed when our hotel started using Microsoft Power Apps for our room audits.

With the help of customisable forms and automated data validation. I was able to quickly and easily complete my room audits. And the real-time data visualization allowed me to quickly spot any issues.

Team Communication

For example, a room was held due to maintenance work. Occasionally miscommunication led to rooms being made available to customers despite maintenance work not completed. Usual reason hotel maintenance had outsourced the work to sub-contractors. Or was awaiting parts to complete the job?

Now the app collaboration feature makes it easy for me. To share my findings with my team members. Check and or chase up room maintenance reports. This helps us work together to ensure that every guest has a fantastic stay.

Thanks to Power Apps, my days as a housekeeper has become more manageable. Less stressful and I feel more productive. It's amazing how much of a difference technology can make in our daily lives!

Restaurateur story of woo

Once upon a time, there was a small restaurant called "The Power Apps Kitchen". The owners were very passionate about serving delicious food to their customers. But they were always concerned about maintaining the highest levels of food hygiene. They knew that a single mistake could lead to a devastating loss of reputation. And potentially harm their customers.

To address this concern.

The owners decided to invest in a new app called the "Power Apps Kitchen Food Hygiene Audit App". This app was designed to help them keep track of all their food hygiene practices. From the time the ingredients were received. To the moment the dishes were served to customers.

The app was incredibly user-friendly. And allowed the chefs and staff to quickly and easily input data. Such as the temperature of refrigerators. The cleanliness of kitchen surfaces. The expiration dates of ingredients.

The owners were overjoyed with the results. Not only were they able to ensure that their food hygiene practices were always up to par. But they were also able to save time and money by reducing the number of audits they had to conduct manually.

The customers were also happy. Because they knew that the restaurant was taking their safety seriously. They could enjoy their meals with peace of mind. Knowing that the food they were eating was prepared in a clean and safe environment.

About the author 

Christopher Bird

Building your own Power App, BI solution, or automated workflow can be a mind-blowing experience. It can also be a nightmare. Particularly when you begin with a blank screen. My advice, get professional help as and when you need it. That's what successful people do.

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