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​Captivate business users with actionable insights from data, applications. 


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​Send notifications, get alerts & request approvals - using Flow with Power Apps. 

Why Cloud Hound?

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Building your own Power App, BI solution or automated work flow can be a mind-blowing experience. It can also be a nightmare. Particularly when you begin with a blank screen.

Seeking answers to your questions online can be infuriating. Implementing a forum code solution, may prove disastrous. 

Contacting support may prove torturous as you find yourself unable to describe what catastrophic steps you unwittingly implemented.

There is no glory ​in suffering

If you're trying to get started...

I can help you find & implement certified solutions you seek.

I can coach you to build awe-inspiring, solutions of your own.

If you're building your own solution and you're stuck...

I can help you to implement proven endorsed steps.

I can troubleshoot & research a fantastic solution for you.

I can help you to rethink & unlock the way forward.

If you're overwhelmed...

I can help you to reliably automate tasks & simplify processors.

Just tell me what you need & leave me to build a fabulous solution.

Got a Project That's Broken?

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  3. Are you looking for a more traditional project? I can work with you to scope your project & create a statement of work.

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Experience in APIs, C#, CSS, DAX, Flow, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, InfoPath, Power Apps, Power BI, NodeJS, SharePoint Online, TypeScript, REST, R Data Analytics, R Scripts.