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Microsoft Power Apps

Citizen Developer Training:

See How Easily You Can Build Amazing Solutions

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

Beguiling apps.

Above & beyond development tool to build or customise apps you already use.

Microsoft Power BI

Power Automate

Automate business process with Auotmate.

Send notifications, get alerts & request approvals using Power Automate. 

Microsoft Power Automate

Power BI

Effortless intelligence with Power BI.

Captivate business users with actionable insights from data. 


I use my experience to create yours

Cloud Hound focuses on teaching citizen developers to build real-world working apps. Competitors generally teach the user to build a function or capability. Rather than a complete real-world app.

My aim is to concentrate on the practical. Rather than theory.

We do not believe its right to teach theory or build modules that by themselves do not resolve a real-world need.

All too often students find themselves wondering how to apply their learning. Either they take more courses or employ someone to build the app for them.


Discover how I can make a difference

Cloud Hound is about empowering people to achieve the following things:

  • To automate back-office procedures by building apps for both office & field workers alike. 
  • Avoid offshore, agency, & freelancer horrors.
  • To identify common flaws in software construction and how to address shortcomings.
  • If delays and budget overruns occur reconstruct arguments for an automation app solution.
  • How to check app proposal as being good or bad for business and users alike.
  • Acknowledge and remedy communication issues and or scope creep issues.
  • Draft a product requirements document.


Check what our clients say about us

Chris at  Cloud Hound offers an excellent service. The results for Critical Difference customers greater web-traffic. And new, improved outcomes.

His work harnessed more effective customer contribution and greater custom.

Donal Carrol

Change Management  Consultant

Chris always demonstrates an attention to detail which is second to none. When faced with a problem he analyses the alternatives. And always presents the findings back in a clear and concise manner.

His open approach enables the best possible solutions to be discussed and assessed. Thus simplifying the selection of the best fit option.

Andy Lowe

Co-owner Wellburgered

Christopher is an expert in his field. For technophobes like me, he diagnoses your IT problem in super quick time and fixes it, just like that. Or if it turns out to be a simple blip, he'll tell you exactly what you need to do to put it right.

His diagnosis and his advice have never failed. You'll feel in a safe pair of hands with Christopher. Highly recommended.

Claudia Crawley MBA


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