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Christopher Bird


Security, Snacks, Naps

Chief Security Officer

Christopher Bird

In my own life, I felt like a failure in many ways. I am an introvert, and I really struggled at school. I began my working life in five-star hotels. Working in the UK, and Australia.  Within weeks of starting, I was training new employees. Despite only having a few weeks' experiences. Training has been core, to my employment in hospitality.

Having worked in hospitality for over thirty years plus. I learned the importance of systematic attention to detail.

In my late forties, I began an MBA with the Open University. When I submitted my first tutor-marked assignment. My tutor telephoned me and asked if I thought I was dyslexia. I had no idea what he was talking about. The OU arranged for tests and the assesses confirmed I was dyslexia. Armed with strategies to apply to my learning I never looked back.

Having completed my MBA, I started my own IT SME support & training business.

Most recently I have been a full-time carer. For my mother suffering from vascular dementia. It has been a long and difficult journey.

Okay, so I claim to be an expert and I claim to be able to teach you how to create an Microsoft Power Platform.

But can you really trust me?

After all, there are many fake gurus and online app trainers’ “experts.”

They are all over the place making all kinds of promises and claims.

I totally agree with your scepticism.

In the online course world, there are too many “experts.”  

Many don’t really know what they are talking about. 

They create theory courses.

They struggle to apply theory to solve real-world issues.

Theory has its place. 
My emphasis is on practical real-world solutions. 
I don't leave you to figure out how to apply theory to your app-building.


A Key member of the team responsible for security, snacks and naps'.

I’d love to talk about what matters to you.

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