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Power App Image to Flow Upload to SharePoint

Frustrated, by Power App Image to SharePointAbstractBuilding a Power App image to SharePoint app isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a real struggle. Until you know how. This article will show step by step how.

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How to stop a corrupt Flow

​​Automating workflows can lead to productivity improvements.​However, workflows can and do fail for any number of reasons. Failures may be intermittent. It could be the user’s device has an issue

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Wanton Power App Project Vision

​​Warning: Avoiding A ‘Vision Statement’ Is Detrimental To Your Success.​Example​1.    Business Objective: Housekeeping, maintenance app. Hotel housekeeping tablet – smartphone

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Tantalising Project, Vision Document

​What, Why, How.​A 1 ​to 2-page document, describes the high-level objectives. Strong project definition focuses upon users and or customers and helps avoid project creep. The vision is the

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Four Steps to Simplify Your Project Success:

​Things You Should Insist On No Matter What People SayYour mind-blowing vision statement should be a quick summary of requirements. The clearer the definition the more likely your project will be a whopping

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Secret Hacks to Build A Social Media Dashboard in 60 Minutes.

No doubt you have read, heard and seen on television how others have used social media to successfully promote themselves and their business.Millennials appear to be the most successful practitioners.I

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Discover How You Can Build A Social Media Dashboard in 60 minutes.

Click Here to Create Your Dashboard Right now, you may be thinking analytics is meaningless hype?You, lose income while you gain the necessary skills for a doubtful financial return.   An

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Restaurant chains are feeling the heat.

​According to new research one in three of the UK's top 100 restaurant ​chains are ​NOT PROFITABLE.Increasing numbers of restaurant chains are losing the battle against higher costs and increased

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Unleash Business Intelligence

Do you own or manage a hospitality business?​If yes, then this blog is for you. ​What Everybody Needs to Know About Gaining A Competitive Advantage. It's indecently simply."Get the right

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