Inspection App Course

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Off the shelve audit app can cost between £12,000 – £24,000.

Applying what you will learn from this course and you will have an audit app for £200.

MS SharePoint

Audit Database

MS Automate

Microsoft Automate formally 'Flow' "Workflow automation".

MS Power Apps

Scandalously easy to build

Here's everything you get...

Real World  MS Power App

This course develops your learning in four main areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Cognitive skills
  • Practical and professional skills
  • Key skills (learn by doing)
  • What's Cloud Hound Study Like?

    Our methods mean you don't have to put your life on hold to complete the course. You can study at home, at work or on the move.


    You'll get guidance, advice, feedback and support from Cloud Hound and fellow students. Using Skype, site contact form, lesson comments or private Flarum group.

    Study Resources

    Studying material contains a mixture of online material and downloadable PDFs. Online learning resources include the following.

    Websites, audio/video media clips. Interactive activities such as online quizzes and hands-on-labs. 

    Practical work requires MS Power Apps, MS Flow & MS SharePoint. A MS O365 E3 plan offers all software you require.

    Expertise, Problem, Character

    It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by verbiage, poorly composed training.

    Such factors make you believe you lack the knowledge required to build an app.

    Perhaps you feel like screaming "Just bloody show me" I’ll reverse engineer the app.

    I’ve felt that. Admittedly my dyslexia, is a significant contributor factor to my frustrations.

    But that's not unique to me.

    Christopher Bird

    Christopher Bird//Trainer

    Dyslexia makes you think differently examples of dyslexics Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Richard Branson.  

    Dyslexia for me makes me think systematically and strategically which means my courses begin from the ground up. I don’t do the most exciting parts first and forget the groundwork.

    My training focus is practical rather than theoretical. Besides more often than not the groundwork delivers the desired outcome.

    Working in hospitality for more than twenty years, predominately five-star hotels in the UK and Australia affirmed the strengths of my systems thinking approach towards learning and work and that attracted me to work in IT.

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