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Ultimate Guide to Building a Fully Functional MS Power Audit App, without frustration

Off the shelve, audit app can cost between £12,000 – £24,000.

Applying what you will learn from this course and you will have an audit app for £200.

IT backlog, shortage of developers, tight budget

You’re working for an SME. Your IT staff has a backlog of issues. So your back office automation app goes to the back of the queue. Limited funds mean no outsourcing budget for professional developers. Besides development, testing, approvals would be time consuming, years, months and expensive.

Is there an alternative?  You probably thinking developing apps is beyond you. It is not your main job. Besides you don’t have the time to research, filter support documentation. Read blogs, submit questions to community support forums.  And watching, endless YouTube videos isn't an option. Add everyday daily tasks to the mix and your app ideas disappear into the future.

You can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. All you need is the will – and the way – and that’s where I come in. Learning with Cloud Hound is life-changing. You’ll have the flexibility and support to study around your job, family and commitments. Do something amazing and fulfil your dreams and goals. After all, what’s stopping you?

Here's everything you get...

Real World  MS Power App

This course develops your learning in four main areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Cognitive skills
  • Practical and professional skills
  • Key skills (learn by doing)
  • What's Cloud Hound Study Like?

    My methods mean you don't have to put your life on hold to complete the course. You can study at home, at work or on the move.


    You'll get guidance, advice, feedback and support from Cloud Hound and fellow students. Using Teams, site contact form, lesson comments or private Flarum group.

    Study Resources

    Studying material contains a mixture of online material and downloadable PDFs. Online learning resources include the following. Websites, audio/video media clips. Interactive activities such as online quizzes and hands-on-labs. Practical work requires MS Power Apps, MS Automate (Flow) & MS SharePoint. An MS O365 E3 plan offers all software you need. 

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    Rapidly Learn Real-world Skills Required to Design, Deploy, Upgrade & Monitor Your App

    • 3.5 hours plus on-demand video
    • Downloadable Illustrated Step By Step Hands-On-Lab Exercises
    • Online Quizzes to Affirm Key Learning Points.
    • Full lifetime access

    Stop waiting for IT and solve your team's problem now.

    What our customers are saying:

    Critical Difference

    Rapid App Development & Publishing...

    Despite being a beta test edition ‘App Craft' inspired me the minute I started the course. Before 'App Craft' used free and paid for online training. I wasn't making much progress because the courses were largely theory. I found, such courses often lack real-world scenario

    Theoretical training makes it challenging to picture how the course can be applied to build a real-world app. For example, upload an image to SharePoint. Suppose you want to add metadata (an image a title and description). You need to find the training for that somewhere else. More time wasted. Not with this course.

    Donal Carrol  //  Change Management Consultant

    To buy this course was pretty much a gut decision...

    I like to consider my technical skills are well above average, but I had no previous MS Power App knowledge. I needed rapid training that covered the building of a complete working audit app. And could be deployed in days not months. Learn by doing focus really helped cement my understanding.

    While the training programme was a pilot edition. I had little difficulty to make the necessary adaptations. To fit our business requirements.

    Amanda Lockwood  //  Business Analyst

    Warning "Hanging On" Is Destroying Your Health

    Some years ago, I worked for Hilton Park Lane, London. We used paper forms and many files. A few years later working elsewhere, Word, Excel spreadsheets, emails. Workflows were clunky. Inevitable some of our information was inaccurate.

    People held information in their heads. 

    Add lost or damaged files and decisions tended to be more subjective than factual.

    It was challenging to identify which assets were uneconomic. What processes needed improvement. Such antiquated decision processes led to downtime.

    This resulted in higher staff stress levels. Increased the number of health and safety breaches.

    We incurred expensive downtime costs. For example, faulty equipment hadn't been reported or serviced.

    If Power Apps were available to me then. We would have created and deployed applications ourselves. Because IT involvement wouldn't necessarily be required.

    Many of our existing back-office processes could have been automated.  Staff would have been able to access apps both on and offline. Thus, overcoming Wi-fi black spots. This capability would ensure procedures were adhered to.

    Added benefits minimal data input errors because transposition errors are eliminated. Our decisions would have been based upon accurate real-time verifiable data.

    Thinking back, I know my first app would have been an inventory audit app.

    Craft App - The Ultimate MS Power App Guide

    Power Apps is intuitive and a "Minimal-Code " solution. This means anyone can turn challenges into profits.

    The only way to keep up with the speed at which the world moves today.

    Is to empower everyone from the front-line worker to the executive.

    Here's everything you get...

    1. 1
      Module 01: Introducing the Power BI Platform. This module provides an overview of the Power App platform. I'll explain the role of Power Apps and SharePoint Online (SPO) lists. Students will learn how to get started with the Power App and SharePoint Online Service. How to create app screens, design and layout. The module provides students with a quick primer on working with SharePoint Online. How to create lists to read audit app questions and write back user data to other lists. This introductory module concludes with how to keep up-to-date with Microsoft monthly updates. 
    2. 2
      Module 02: Designing the app & linking databases.  This module examines the functions, code required. For example, adding username, date, job number. Students will learn how to read data from a SharePoint audit questions list. Colour highlight user response to questions. For example, green no action. Red action required. How to add images, descriptions for the type of action required. Write back the data to SharePoint Online. This module discusses best practices. For example app design and building your own cheat code library.  
    3. 3
      Module 03: Administering your app. The final module of this course. Provides students with a fast and furious summary of publishing, managing your app.

      As a Bonus to wrap up the course, I’ll demonstrate how to share and manage your apps. I’ll briefly introduce Power BI. Why artificial intelligence should be considered for future app development.

    Course Overview

    Expertise, Problem, Character

    It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by verbiage, poorly composed training.

    Such factors make you believe you lack the knowledge required to build an app.

    Perhaps you feel like screaming "Just bloody show me" I’ll reverse engineer the app.

    I’ve felt that. Admittedly my dyslexia is a significant contributor factor to my frustrations. But that's not unique to me.

    Christopher Bird
    Security Officer

    Mandy Cheif Security Officer, snacks & naps

    Christopher Bird  //  Trainer

    Dyslexia makes you think differently. Examples of dyslexics Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Richard Branson.  For me, I prefer to take things apart. And learn how each bit functions rather than attempt to comprehend the theory. 

    Working in hospitality for more than twenty years. Strengthed my systems thinking approach towards learning. And that factor attracted me to work in IT.

    Christopher  Bird

    What Our Customers Say

    First class training...

    I’m currently involved in content management, app development. As a Power App user, this course enabled me to build on that experience. Mastering business app development tools will raise productivity levels within my organisation. If you are new to the field, this is an excellent course. It provides a quick learning curve to get you up to speed with building apps!

    Julia Stone  //  Procurement manager

    Build apps you love and get on with living your life.

    I have a young family and I wanted to advance my career and earn more money. I didn’t want my boss, team to see me as “just another employee” but as an authority for app development. I’d describe myself as a citizen developer but in reality, I’ve yet to achieve that. Nevertheless, I’ve taken the first step with this course. My app objectives increase organisational profits, productivity, and  maximise departmental budget.

    Peter Dawson  //  Office Manager

    Tricks That Can Make Anyone A Power App Expert. Get IT Now!

    ‘App Craft’ is a step by step at your own pace Microsoft Power App training program. You learn by doing. When completed you have a fully working audit appMore importantly, your newly acquired knowledge. Will help you to build your own awesome apps. 

    Stop waiting for IT, solve your team's problem now.

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    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our learning methodology. We promise you a 100% refund within 30 days provided you completed module one. Just let us know why and we'll send you a prompt refund.

    Christopher Bird

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are there any extra purchases required to successfully take the course?

    Can I take the course at my own pace?

    How can you sell a course for £200 when you could sell an off the shelve audit app for £12,000 – £24,000. 

    Why is App Craft priced more highly than many competitors?

    Is there a place where we can ask questions about app development?

    What if I’ve never built an app or have any coding skills?

    Will we get future updates to the course?

    How do I manage app costs & get users to use my app?

    Why to apps fail & will users resist?