Wanton Power App Project Vision


​​Warning: Avoiding A ‘Vision Statement’ Is Detrimental To Your Success.


​1.    Business Objective: Housekeeping, maintenance app.

  • Hotel housekeeping tablet – smartphone and desktop app to photograph room maintenance issues and type brief explanation text message. Using the app an employee inspects a room. Prior to moving on to the next room, the employee uses the app to submit a report. Assuming no problems are identified report submission automatically releases the room to reception staff.

2.    Users and benefits

  • The report data is sent wirelessly to a SharePoint Online list.
  • Data is submitted to rooms folder, and stored within that folder is a folder for each room.
  • Within the rooms folder a new dated folder is automatically created.
  • check
    Upon report submission, the data is saved to a newly created dated folder.
  • check
    Management and or maintenance staff are alerted by email and authorisation decisions to repair or instigate further investigations are determined at this stage.

​3.    Key factors used to judge the quality

  •  If repairs are within a specified financial cost, automated authorisation is granted, and maintenance staff are immediately assigned.
  • Maintenance staff carry out repairs and using the app submit text and or photographic evidence of repair. The report is submitted to the originating SharePoint folder.
  • Housekeeping is automatically notified by email.
  • check
    The housekeeper makes a visual room inspection.
  • check
    Using the app, the housekeeper can either initiate further work or approve repairs.
  • check
    Approval immediately releases the room to reception staff.

​4.    Key features and technology.

  • The app must be intuitive for users to use.
  • App functionality style should be familiar to users to minimise training.
  •  App seamlessly integrates with Office 365 services.
  • check
     The app must have a browser interface.

​5.    Crucial product factors

  •  The app data must be secure.  
  • ​The app must operate on Apple iOS, Android, Windows devices.
  • App must be geographically interdependent (operate nationally & internationally).
  • check
    Head office accountancy staff to have remote access to hotel app data.

​6.    Financials and Other Numbers

  • ​The primary goal is to maximise room revenue.
  • A centralised and paperless automated room maintenance workflow.
  • Full audit trail (room maintenance history).
  • check
    Room data reports should identify room turnaround times.
  • check
    Reports must indicate room maintenance budget implications.
  • check
    ​The app must be rolled out by January 2018.
  • check
    ​The app is expected to be rolled out nationally to 100 staff across multiple sites.
  • User Segments
  • head office accountant,
  • hotel general manager,
  • housekeeper
  • and maintenance.
  • check
    Development costs must be under £50k.

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Christopher Bird

Building your own Power App, BI solution, or automated workflow can be a mind-blowing experience. It can also be a nightmare. Particularly when you begin with a blank screen. My advice, get professional help as and when you need it. That's what successful people do.

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