How did I become interested in statistics?


“Jedi master” of the data world

Professor Hans Rosling, “Jedi master” of the data world

Professor Hans Rosling a Swedish physician, academic, and public speaker. 

Watching BBC Open University documentaries. I discovered Hans Rosling.

I was totally smitten.

Until I watched Hans Rosling I had always been rather sceptical about statistics.

I struggle with maths. Well, I will be honest. Being undiagnosed dyslexia, my school days were not happy. Maths remains challenging. 

Nevertheless, Hans Rosling, infectious enthusiasm for factual storytelling made me realise. Many opportunities, problems can be identified and or solved by analysing data.

So, what is holding humanity back.

Humans are irrational. Logic does not always take precedence. Political expedience is more often than not given priority despite overwhelming evidence.

An example the ill effects of smoking was known. Decades past before politicians took any action. Even then very little action.

Obesity is another issue.

It appears interest groups, political lobbyists appear to take precedence over the health interests of the population. 

If you wish to learn more abouth the world of interest groups then listen to BBC Radio 4 excellent podcast series

How they made us doubt everything

Well worth listening to. 

Why humanity should be optimistic

Hans Rosling programmes does suggest in the long run humanity does accept reasoning.

Admittedly Hans Rosling didn’t know COVID 19 would hit the world. Nevertheless, being a medical doctor he was well aware pandemics can and do come in cycles. For example swine flu.

Nonetheless, humanity should be positive. Because in the long run humanity does tend to take the right decisions. 

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