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Power App Image To SharePoint

1 Module 3 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Frustrated, with Power Apps

Building a Power App image to SharePoint app isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a real struggle.
Until you know-how. This course will show step by step how. Minimal text, illustrative images remove ambiguities. Training designed to get you building your Power App in the minimum about of time.

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Course Structure

3 Lessons

Power Apps Photo to SharePoint.

Lab Time: 60 minutes

Lab Overview: This lab objective is to show you how to create a Power App image capture app and submit your image to SharePoint. The training demonstrates how to build a Power App image app. How to construct a Flow. Then how to wire up Power App to Flow and submit your image to SharePoint.

Exercise 1: Building your app

Power apps have two image controls.
1. Camera
2. Add picture

Exercise 2: Build the Flow

To forward an image from 'Power Apps' to 'SharePoint Online (SPO)' 'Flow' is required.

Exercise 3: Add flow to PowerApp

Completed exercise one and two it's time to wire it all up to Power App and test.

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