Pissed off with developing your own Power Apps, BI and Flow solutions

Struggling to understand?

  • CRM
  • Social Media
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Decision Making
  • Innovation/Service Creation
  • Controlling & Reducing Operating Costs
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Shorting time to market, products services
  • Inability to analysis large volumes of data

​Why sharing your objectives is the best way to be successful

​​Thankfully everyone of us is curious about something. 

If, ​computer code doesn't fascinate you, pass it on to someone who is. That's what successful people do.

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo. 

The way I challenge the status quo is by ​empowering people to create simple compelling, beautifully designed, user friendly apps, business reports.

I believe in thinking differently.

I just happen to ​really enjoy empowering people to explore their data.

​Donal Carrol

 Change Management  Consultant


Chris at Cloud Hound offers an excellent service. The results of his work were greater web-traffic and new, improved outcomes for Critical Difference customers.

His work harnessed more effective customer contribution and greater custom​.

Andy Lowe 

 Co-owner Wellburgered


Chris always demonstrates an attention to detail which is second to none. When faced with a problem he fully analyses the alternatives and always presents the findings back in a clear and concise manner.

His open approach enables the best possible solutions to be discussed and assessed, simplifying selection of the best fit option.

Claudia Crawley MBA



Christopher is truly an expert in his field. For technophobes like me, he diagnoses your IT problem in super quick time and fixes it, just like that. Or if it turns out to be a simple blip, he'll tell you exactly what you need to do to put it right.

His diagnosis and his advice have never failed. You'll feel in a safe pair of hands with Christopher. Highly recommended.

The Journey

Cloud Hound began as a IT support solution provider for small business owners. There was demand for a personalised, easy-to-use support solution at a reasonable price with a market that lacked options.

To this day, the mission remains on fulfilling the needs of customers. Listening to users provides feedback to guide development

Since the Start

Over the years, IT has experienced drastic transitions. The latest transition has been cloud services. This model provides a more consistent and stable experience for users.

At this point, the goal has been set to help customers to intelligently automate data gathering and presentation. The objective being to empower customers to make better use of cloud services.

Who Am I?

​My mission is to help you to ​maximise your business opportunities. ​How I have worked in hospitality for more than twenty years. Predominately five star, London UK​ and Australian hotels.

My experience includes state and private events with the Queen and family in attendance. Fine dining restaurants, lounge, room service, bars, contract catering, conference and banqueting.

I’ve organised and overseen corporate and social events. For example the first Hopman Cup tennis tournament, the first Ruby World Cup dinner dance. Both events were televised and catered for thousands.

I know you are asking yourselves how does that experience have any relevance to business intelligence?

Your ambition has objectives

That's a very good question.

Above all the client’s outcome for an event needs to be clearly understood by all. If individuals or teams have their own agenda, it’s inevitable things will go wrong. Hospitality requires strong customer service skills, teamwork and systematic attention to detail.

These are the skills I can offer offer.

My transition from hospitality to IT begun when I completed my Open University, Masters in Business Administration. I’ve always taken a systematic approach to life. Combine that with my fascination ​with understanding how things work, IT is a perfect utilisation of my skills.​

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