Citizen Developers Power App Audit Recipe 

Evade App Building Anxiety

If you could lower costs, increase revenue, and improve customer experiences.

Would this raise your status, power, and earnings?

Software Requirement: Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3 (Micosoft SharePoint Online Power Apps, Automate)

Auidt app

Audit App

Achieve your highest potential in life

In the 1970’s I began my working life in hospitality. Paper admin processes prevailed.

With the introduction of PCs in the late 1990s admin began to change. Word, Excel, emails.

Frustratingly employees leave, PC data, paper files are lost or damaged.

Making decisions based upon incomplete data can be problematic.  

In today’s highly competitive world Ill-informed decisions may lead to demise.

What you can do with An Audit App 

  • Monitor quality, safety and standards across your business operations:
  • Internal audits, self-inspections, compliance checks
  • Quality control, brand standards
  • Health & safety, risk assessments
  • Covid-19 protection measures
  • Food safety & HACCP standards
  • SOP, process audit checklists
  • ISO quality & safety standards

The Secret Ingredient of Successful

Using audits apps guarantees service excellence and consistency across all your locations.

Increase quality and consistency with more efficient & frequent inspections, spot issues and trends, react faster.

No more paper checklists or manual reports.

Ensure compliance with brand standards, from operating procedures to customer service

Evaluate facility quality, customer service, food hygiene, housekeeping, Covid-19 measures, health & safety and more

Daily self-inspections, monthly checks and readiness for external assessments

What I offer

App craft recipe

You don't have to put your life on hold to complete the course.

You can study at times convenient to you, at your own pace at home, at work, or on the move.

Example recipe.

Action not theory

App Craft recipe is a practical concise online learning course. You will avoid the endless rabbit hole of trying to make things work.

Only to uncover two problems every time you solve one.

If you are really stuck, you can download the app.

Then choose to either reverse engineer or use the app without having to build the app for yourself.


Email, student forum, comments, and MS Teams. This is a recipe course.

View the video lesson, then read the accompanying step-by-step course documentation. With text and images. 

You will find you won’t be rewatching the lecture to understand and apply lab objectives. Or reaching out for support.


Yes, internet tech links are provided. Not needed for this course. A resource provided for your own future projects.

The app recipe can be easily adapted and maintenance is a breeze.

App Craft Course Map

Audit App Course

The Trouble with many online course

In the past, you may have attended both residential classes and online webinars.

You may have felt frustrated and stressed by the bloated course theory. 

To understand course material, you felt compelled to conduct internet research.

Time, you didn’t have. Even worse you couldn’t apply your learning to your real-world needs.

App craft

  • Is not a theory knowledge dump.
  • Will not leave confused by a lack of explanation.
  • Is not repetitive or wordy.
  • Doesn't use of technobabble
  • Will not let you suffer, imposter syndrome.
  • No improvised demos.
  • No unexplained data validation mistakes.
  • Support, email, comments, forum, group via MS Teams.


This is Not a “fit all app”. Modification is a certainty.

I’ve defined a very clear goal for the App craft course. To create an audit app that’s ready for pilot testing and then roll out.

It's useful to have a clear specific goal to aim for. And it’s important that you understand this.

It's about creating a real-world app, not providing you with an app components library.

Nothing on this page is to be construed as an app that does not need some adaptation to fit your needs.

There’s absolutely no guarantee that the app can be deployed without modification. An example of changes that may be required is the list of questions.

I know that ninety percent of people reading this get it and you can skip this part. But I want to be crystal clear for the other ten percent.  

To fit your needs this app “will need alterations”. This is not an off the shelve app “trick”. This is not an alternative without changes.

I’m going to teach you a craft. The craft of creating valuable apps, like any craft, it’s all in the doing.

You can’t read a book about carpentry and expect a chair to materialise in your life. You can’t consume this course and expect an app to happen.

Buy this course if you want to act and learn a new skill or upskill from the ground up.

App Craft is not for you if you do not have the desire to acquire experience and knowledge.

What App Craft is NOT...

I want to set the right expectations, here. App Craft is not what you expect from your typical, average online course.

App Craft is not a Passive "Information Download"

This course is not about just sitting back. Learning a large quantity of theory, and then doing nothing with it.

This is an action implementation-focused course. The purpose isn’t to download a bunch of information.

It's to guide you through a system of exercise and actions to take, that lead you to the result.

Don’t sign up for this if you don’t want to do the real work. This product is not for “info product tourists”.

App Craft is Not a Quick Silver Bullet Solution

As you've probably guessed by now. This is not about some "opportunity" to implement a quick fix with as little work as possible.

It's not about copy-paste and voila a solution. If you aren't excited about creating a real, valuable high-quality app then App Craft isn't for you.  

App Craft is not just about Creating an App

Creating an app, in isolation, is a waste of time. If you only focus on "how to structure an app and roll out"? 

And you don’t involve users or choose to just ignore your users - you will end up with an app. But user adoption may prove problematic.

“To realise the full promise of citizen development. You need to be thoughtful. Take a holistically view. One that considers people and process in addition to technology.”

The elements of a citizen development program People | Process | Technology

Establishing a strong foundation at the outset. Is essential to the success of any program. 

App Craft is for Citizen Developers

Knowledge is locked up in people’s heads. In administrative paper passed systems.

Word, Excel spreadsheets, emails. Active and legacy files may be held by many departments. 

Even in different geographical locations. Add lost or damaged forms to the mix.

Such factors can and do make it hard for management to understand what is really happening.

Office and field employees alike, know what’s valuable. 

They have ideas, about what changes are required. The data needed, the processes involved, and what to prioritise.

60 Sec Power App

Tech experts understand what platforms to use.

How to scale, structure the network, integrate, secure, and manage projects.

Citizen developers can bridge the gap between business units and IT.

Citizen Developers can help to reduce a backlog in app development. They know or can find the benefits to automation. 

  • First benefit the customer will get from buying your product or service.
  • Second benefit. To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?
  • Third benefit. Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…” Eg. You’ll get access to 5 video lessons (feature) which will allow you to watch over my shoulder while I show you step by step how to XYZ.

So why is App craft better?

In today’s world, we are all overloaded with competing demands upon our time. You may have:

  • Left school with no qualifications.
  • Several years’ work experience:  You now want to acquire technical skills. To pursue a new career or advance your current position.
  • A wish to earn more money, status.
  • A longing for more responsibilities.
  • A want to control and advance your career.
  • A desire to be a more attractive employee to an employer.
  • A need to offer real-world premium skills.
  • A yearning to sharpen your skills by deepening your MS Power App knowledge. 
  • A craving to contribute at meetings but hesitate because you feel out of your depth.
  • Little previous experience of using technology (for learning). You think a lot of previous experience will be assumed. 

App craft recipe enables you to get started today.

Without the need for any previous experience or knowledge.

You can master the skills you’ve always wanted and kickstart your career.

Follow the recipe and you will have built a working app. Plus the knowledge to build apps on your own.

App Craft recipe course is not like others

There are courses all over the internet that will teach you what Power Apps are and how it works.

But only a very few will teach you how to build real-life business solutions with Power Apps.

In this practical and knowledge-packed course, you will learn exactly that. You will learn and build at the same time.

A real-life Audit (inspection) solution with Microsoft Power Platform. 

Specifically with Power Apps in a step-by-step way. Audit, inspection management solutions are very popular.

And in demand for all kinds of businesses and organisations. 

So, learning building, and implementing the solution in your organisation will be a rewarding experience.

Power Apps AI - receipt scanning

At the end of this course, you will have your very own Audit management solution.

Available and ready to deploy in your Office 365 environment. The course will also provide you with code templates. 

SharePoint list templates. As well as partially built app templates.

You can use these resources to rapidly build the whole Power App. And quickly deploy into your office 365 environment.

Microsoft Forms, Lists and Power Automate

Ideally, you should have some basic familiarity with Power Apps. If you do not, then don’t worry.

No doubt in the past you used a cookery recipe. App Craft is a recipe.

So, even if you have no experience or only used Power Apps for a little while you should be alright. 

This course uses a practical approach. You build your Audit management solution with power Apps.

All the required files and resources to build your own solution. Are available for download from the resources section of the course. 

Just follow the instructions provided in the lectures and illustrated documentation.

These resources will guide you to complete the labs.

High level course overview

  • App can be built for phones, tablets and browsers.
  • Users can only view, and edit audits they have permission to access.
  • Hamburger app menu navigation.
  • Power App database connectors write back to SharePoint Online.
  • Photos and audio recordings use MS Automate (Flow) to post data to SPO.
  • Audit questions list, colour notification for no action (green) or action required (red).
  • Auditor requires action (red) - enables the auditor to write and submit a description (comments) of the issue.
  • Users can take photos with the option to add an audio description linked to the question.
  • Photo total number count for the associated audit question.
  • Submit audit answers, images, and descriptions only when all questions are answered.
  • SharePoint administrators can amend and or remove or add more audit questions.

Course content

Craft App

The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice.

To walk you through my entire app build process.

SharePoint lists, Power App code, Automate (flows) from start to finish. An app your users will want to use.

Module 1

1 Chapter

SharePoint Online (SPO)

Chapter 1

SharePoint Online

  • Create SPO ‘My Site.’
  • Set up SPO lists.
  • SPO list column types.
  • Add SPO list data for example questions room numbers.

SPO administrators

Can add and or amend questions that appear in PowerApps.

They may need to back up and move data.

Or remove historical data for example user comments, images, and audio recordings. 

Module 2

2 Chapters

Power Apps

Chapter 2

Design home screen user interface.

Home Screen background image.

Screen navigation buttons. 

Chapters 3

Build input Screen.

Screen label header, navigation icons.

Online status display.

Username display.

User department.

Floor slide (select floor number).

Combo box to choose room number. Display dependent upon floor slide choice. 

A total number of images for audit.

Gallery control to display questions.

Radio button to select a pass, fail, N/A.

Camera Icon to navigate to the photo screen.

Image label count. 

Comments box.

Submit button.

Submit Confirm Pop-up.

Module 3

2 Chapters

Media Input Screen

Chapter 4

Media Input Screen

Screen header label, title, hamburger menu, question label number & question text.

Create picture gallery (image).

Camera control and photo capture icon button.

Chapter 5

Audio button slide in screen. Audio playback, room number display & trash can delete recording.

Footer, submit button. Plus, screen navigation audio record icon.

Module 4

3 Chapters

Maintenance Screen

Chapter 6

Maintenance Screen

Screen header label, navigation icon, and screen title.

Audit number & auditor name.

Audit date.

Room status label.

Room Number or Suite Name.

Chevon navigation icon.

Chapter 7

Maintenance Screen 2

Screen header label, and title.

Gallery to hold & show data items below.

Question ID & question label.

Name of auditor & date.

Comments (description of the issue).

Photo Icon & photo count number.

Audio icon and number of recordings.

Complete button.

Navigation back button.

Chapter 8


Screen header label, Hamburger menu, title, and question number.

Two galleries, a picture gallery, & an audio gallery. Room number label. Trash can icons.

Image control.

Camera control and Icon button to capture a photo and footer navigation label.

Module 5

3 Chapters

Report Screens

Chapter 9

Report Screen.

Screen header label, chevron navigation icon.

Floor number label & floor number slider selection.

Room status label & drop down to select report, review, and maintenance.

Gallery to show drop-down choices for example reports for floor 1.

Chapter 10

Report Details.

Screen header label, chevron navigation icon & title.

Gallery displays question and numbers plus links to comments, recordings, photos screens.

Comments Screen.

Recordings Screen.

Photos Screen.

Pop-Up Screens

Chapter 11

Send Confirmation Screen

Users submit report details (previous screen). The screen displays a tick icon to submit and a cross icon to cancel the submission.

Module 6

2 Chapters

App Administrators Screens

Chapter 12


Description of Power App collections, variables used.

SharePoint document library, lists, and column types.

Chapter 13


SharePoint Site Image graphic showing the document & list column types.

Chapter 14

Power Automate - forward audit to SharePoint Online. 

App Craft Sucess Forumla

We focus on:




The course modules include everything you need to know in the 3 key areas of app building success.

1. Watch video & text lesson.

2. Lab, downloadable illustrated hands-on worksheets. 

3Result App.

The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice.

To walk you through my entire app build process. SharePoint lists, Power App code, Automate (flows) from start to finish. 

An app your users will want to use.

Auidt app

Audit App

Software Requirement: Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3  (Micosoft SharePoint Online Power Apps, Automate)


Bonus quizzes to affirm key learning points. Full lifetime access.

About our team

Okay, so I claim to be an expert and I claim to be able to teach you how to create an audit app for £200. But can you really trust me?

For more than thirty years I worked in five-star hotels in the UK, and Australia. Within weeks of starting my working life, I was training new employees.

I have owned and run a London IT support & training business for SMEs.

More recently I've been a 24/7, 365 days a year carer for my mother suffering from vascular dementia. 

Being dyslexic requires a problem-solver approach. Hospitality, IT, and care call for a practical approach.

Creative, systematic attention to detail. All prerequisite traits to publishing training courses.

My chief security officer is important member of staff and she keeps me focused. 

John R. Rymer

Vice President/Principal Analyst at Forrester Reserach

How low-code platforms let developers drive business innovation

"Stated his mind was blown away by the slide below. The connection between professional developers and low code developers’ priorities. The significant factor is the support for innovation in particular customer-facing software."

Mind Blowing

The question is why:

  • Low code enables business units, individuals, and teams to develop software. Those closest and most intimate with customer service, product development, and management roles. Are the ones who really understand what’s required to build solutions?
  • Office, and field workers know what’s valuable. They have ideas, about what changes are required. The data needed, the processes involved, and what to prioritise.
  • Low code increases development agility. Reduces time and cost of app builds. Increases efficiencies of dissipated and or legacy resource integration and or usage.
  • Citizen developers can reduce the backlog in app development. Reduce the need to use paper to manage critical business processes.
  • To reduce paper-based processes requires digitisation.
  • The need to remain competitive or gain an advantage. Necessitates the acceleration of digital innovation. It is the primary reason to embrace low code application development.

Source: How Low-Code Platforms Let Developers Drive Business Innovation


Digital transformation
Alan Chai

You don't want information You want solutions

The elements of a citizen development program People | Process | Technology

Yes, that's right. People, Process, Technology. It's important.

If all you do is the "app build" part, you're making an age-old mistake of thinking "build it and your users will use it".


You need to start with “people” because you need to understand both business and user needs.

You must have a real understanding of what is it that makes an app solve business and people’s problems. 

Something they actually want to use. And you need to build your entire app with that in mind from day one.

App Creation Process

Then, you need the “App Creation” part to ensure.

You actually solve the problems you identified in your user research. And that you don’t create any solution. But a high-value, practical, actionable solution that is well presented. 


Then, you need the technology part to build, pilot test, and launch your app into production.

This is what an attractive user app is about.

It has user adoption “baked in” which makes user adoption 100x easier.

And at the same time a high-quality, value-delivering app.

That helps office and field workers achieve the results they want. 

What Makes App Craft Different?

If you’ve been itching to create an audit app.

But you felt that your knowledge is too scattered or you’re not expert enough or you just don’t know how to go about it. 

App Craft will provide a clear, jargon-free, well-structured, high-value audit app.

If you’ve been chasing “opportunities” and working your butt off for pennies (or nothing).

App Craft is the path forward for you. You finally have status, a career based on a real skill that brings real value to real people.

If you been struggling to acquire knowledge or any kind of opportunity?

Apply App Craft to turn yourself into a recognised expert. You‘ll suddenly find that it’s so much easier.

You will be recognised as the go-to person to tackle organisational issues.

App Craft Price

App Craft Sucess Forumla


The course modules include everything you need to know in the 3 key areas of app building success.

1. Watch video & text lesson. 2. Lab, downloadable illustrated hands-on worksheets. 3Result App.

The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice. To walk you through my entire app build process. SharePoint lists, Power App code, Automate (flows) from start to finish. 

An app your users will want to use.

Software Requirement: Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3 (Micosoft SharePoint Online Power Apps, Automate)

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


Courses on sites like Udemy, LinkedIn are cheaper?

For research purposes, I’ve taken many online courses both expensive and cheap.

Rather interestingly price didn’t necessarily guarantee quality.

Experience has taught me the more concise and practical a course is the greater the value to the student.

What if I don’t use Microsoft Power Apps?

Don’t waste your money this course isn’t for you.

How many apps can we create with this?

I empower EVERYONE to start and create positive change. "Low-Code" means anyone can turn challenges into profits. 

The only way to keep up with the speed at which the world moves today.

Is to empower everyone from the front-line worker to the executive.

To answer the question of what you learn can be applied to as many apps as you care to make.

What if I don’t know what to make an app for?

Think about all your paper forms, procedures, excel spreadsheets and legacy systems.

All are possibilities for automation.

Are there any extra purchases required to successfully take the course?

If you have MS Office 365 E3 plan, then no.

To take this course you will need MS Power Apps. Automate (Flow), SharePoint.

Don’t buy this course if you do not have access to this software or don’t have plans to purchase. 

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes, ‘App Craft’ is step by step at your own pace Microsoft Power App training program.

How can you sell a course for £200 when you could sell an off the shelve audit app for £12,000 – £24,000. 

You’re right selling off the shelve app would return more.

Another factor £12 to 24k may inculde setup for example creating database, connectors possibly to legacy systems. 

With this training you need to apply what I teach and what I teach is freely available.

All you have, to do is locate the material and put it all together and save yourself £200.

I’ve assembled, collated, tested and presented what you need in one place to build an audit app. 

Depending upon your level of expertise it could take you months, certainly weeks.

If you do not have the time, then you shouldn't buy this course.

Software as a Service (SaAS) low code app.  

There are many SAAS providers. Generally, their pricing model is per-user monthly or yearly charge.

On average per-user £288 a year.

If you want a fully managed solution, then this may be a better choice for you.

What do I mean by fully managed?

The provider design manages both the front (user form) and back end (database).

They provide support. Any changes you may choose to make they may do this for you. They may or may not charge.

Why is App Craft priced more highly than many competitors?

Most courses if not all focus on theoretical features. Let me explain.

Yes, what they teach can be applied in practice.

However students more often than not are left to discover how to knit together what they’ve learnt.

This course flips that by building a working app. In my experience, many people learn more this way. 

IIf the theory is your preferred learning approach do not buy this course. 

Is there a place where we can ask questions about app development?

Yes, we have a Flarum group. Alternatively you can use comments option at the bottom of each module page.

If you prefer to contact Cloud Hound then email

What if I’ve never built an app or have any coding skills?

A question I’ve been asked a few times.

While the course can be described as advanced training it is easy to follow.

It’s a bit like a recipe for your favourite food. If followed precisely you produce a perfect dish.

Take a look at previous training lab.

An illustrated step by step recipe guide. 

Will we get future updates to the course?

Power Apps innovation is continuous. What you see now might not be quite the same when you take the course.

I will do our utmost to regularly revise the course. If changes are too great, we will retire the course.

If you experience difficulties then reach out via Flarum group.

Alternatively use comments section at the bottom of each module page. Or email me at

You will have access to course updates.

How do I manage app costs & get users to use my app?

The Big Picture - app development costs are difficult to estimate.

Even a basic bespoke app can cost £15,000 and enticing end users to use your app can consume even more of your budget and time.

General rule the more complex an app the great your budget need. 

User research will reveal a business need. Involve users before you even start.

The general rule is the more you involve your users. The less user adoption resistance you will experience.

If you do not intend to involve users do not purchase this course. You are wasting your money.

Why to apps fail & will users resist?

Reasons for app failure, 

  • scope creep, cost overrun. 
  • Poorly researched business need.
  • An inadequate investigation into the user experience.
  • Improper testing.
  • Failure to identify a pre-packaged solution.
  • An off the shelve product may have offered you a better return on investment.

If you listen and address user concerns at each stage of development. Your app is more likely to experience positive adoption. 

Why low code?

Charles Lamanna

Corporate Vice President for the Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) at Microsoft

App Development backlog

  • 65% of organisations report an app development backlog.

Paper processes

  • 37% of organisation are still using paper to manager critical business processes.

Accelerate digital innovation and transformation

  • 69% of organisations say that accelerating digital innovation is the number one reason they embraced low code application development.
Primary low code goal
Types of apps low code

Auidt app

See How Easily You Can Be The App Go-to Person

The course modules include everything you need to know in the 3 key areas of app building success.

1. Watch video & text lesson. 2. Lab, downloadable illustrated hands-on worksheets. 3Result App.

The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice. To walk you through my entire app build process. SharePoint lists, Power App code, Automate (flows) from start to finish. 

An app your users will want to use.

Software Requirement: Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3 (Micosoft SharePoint Online Power Apps, Automate)