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Microsoft organises and provides an excellent resource for Power BI webinars. Some webinars you will have to register but many you can watch immediately. Some are aimed at the developer audience. Other presentations focus on content for end-users.

Microsoft Business Applications

For example, Charles Sterling How to Design Visually Stunning Power BI Reports’ is a good introductory video. A little dated. Nevertheless, much of what he illustrates can still be applied today. With a little tweak here and there.

Developer training

Ted PattisonDeveloping with Power BI Embedding – The April 2018 Update’ is a nice presentation. You can quickly see he is a natural teacher. His presentation has a logical flow. Just as importantly he manages to walk the tight rope. Between those who are new and those who know their way around Power BI.

Ted Patterison has his own YouTube channel. If you are looking for developer training. Then his Critic Path Training YouTube channel is well worth watching. Ted certainly got me hooked on BI. You can certainly learn a lot from Ted’s free content. But if you want to really get under the hood. Then you need to sign up for his Bootcamp training modules and they are excellent.

Bootcamps are a day or more and not cheap. You can attend in person or via the internet. Training begins with a presentation broken up with guided lab training. What I mean by guided training. Exercises are explained prior to beginning the lab. Ted talks you through the steps necessary to complete the exercise.

Should you get stuck you can ask questions. I emphasis the ‘should you get stuck’. The reason if you follow the steps precisely you will not get stuck.

I have to say Ted went the extra mile for me. He even answered questions I had about a project I was working on at the time. While it was a Power BI project it was unrelated to the course training objectives.

prolific produce of high-quality content Power BI content

Curbal Ruth Pozuelo Martinez is an absolute star. I’ve been following her YouTube videos from virtual day one. Ruth is a prolific producer of high-quality content. Her effervescent character makes her presentation engaging. In turn, makes learning that much easier. Especially some of the concepts she teaches are tricky to grasp. Certainly not easy to get your head around. Nevertheless, Ruth delivers. Not easy for her as English isn't her first language. But listening to her you wouldn't know that.

Ruth offers both free and paid for training. I cannot recommend her enough.

Power BI gurus

Guy in Cube YouTube channel is full of vivacious presentations. Again, free and paid for training. These guys really know their stuff. Some videos are short and snappy. For some topics that is just what you want.

I have found myself working on a project and not sure how to solve a problem little own implement a solution. A short stylish presentation is just what I need.

really do not want to understand the how and why in other words the theory. I need a resolution ASAP. More often than not Patrick or Adam have an answer.

Transform Data Using Power Query

Gil Raviv is a Power BI evangelist. He appears on Microsoft Power BI YouTube. There you will find many informative videos.  Gil Raviv has published books like Microsoft ‘Collect, combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI . An excellent resource to have to hand when working on projects as are his paid courses. Naturally his book is always on my desk. 

Become A Power BI Pro

Avi Singh is a Power BI Training and Coach. He seeks to teach people how to become an independent professional. Given the economic challenges, we all need some tips and Avi has those in abundance.

Avi publishes books, runs weekly live Youtube online seminars. He has a Youtube channel and offers free and paid for training. His free training is well worth investigating. I cannot vouch for paid training. But I'm sure if it is as good as his free training then you have nothing to lose. Probably more to gain as I suspect the paid training offers nuggets you don't get in the free version.

If you have tried his paid training I would love you to add your thoughts in the comments below box.

Dax gurus

Now I have mention books. Another excellent book must have to hand is Microsoft The Definitive Guide to Dax, Business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Excel by the DAX gurus Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari . If you want to get serious about Power BI then a good knowledge of DAX is essential. Begin with Marco and Alberto YouTube channel then take a look at their website

Both free and paid-for content is excellent. If you want to get serious about Power BI then their paid-for courses are a must and they are well worth the money. 

Key takeaways

For some people historical videos can be confusing.

About the author 

Christopher Bird

Building your own Power App, BI solution, or automated workflow can be a mind-blowing experience. It can also be a nightmare. Particularly when you begin with a blank screen. My advice, get professional help as and when you need it. That's what successful people do.

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