MS Power Apps

Exercise 3: Add flow to PowerApp

Lesson 3 Module 1

Return to ‘Power Apps.’ Select the ‘button.’

  1. Select ‘Action’ from the menu.
  2. In the ribbon select ‘Flows.’

See image below.

3. Select your ‘Flow, PowerApps FileUploadToSPO’ in the example PowerApps FileUploadToSPO name is to long to display.

4. If you click the three dots a submenu ‘Edit’ appears
    a. Click ‘Edit.’
    b. A new window opens.
    c. Full ‘Flow’ name can be viewed ‘PowerApps FileUploadToSPO’ see image below.

Click to select your ‘Flow’ see image below.

Once your ‘Flow’ is added you should see the following:

  1. ‘Flows' associated with ‘Button1’ ‘PowerApps FileUploadToSPO’ is listed.
  2. The parameters need to be completed in the formula bar (fx).

For the fx parameters formula type

PowerApps FileUploadToSPO.Run("Beverage.jpg", UploadedImage1.Image)

Click the cross to close the ‘Data’ panel.


Copying and pasting code may result in errors. Recommendation copy and paste into Notepad or Notepad ++ be aware quotes may need to removed and retyped.

Note: “Beverage.jpg” you can type whatever you like.

Using the device you created the app on, test the app by clicking ‘Play.’

Click the ‘Tap of click to add picture.’

Note: For this I’m using a desktop PC. This will open ‘Explorer’ enabling me to navigate and select an image. If I were using a device with a camera, I would have the option to use the camera.

  1. Select and image in the example ‘beverage.jpg’ is selected.
  2. Name of image.
  3. Click ‘Open’ to add image to Power App. 

See image below.

Click upload see image below.

You should see the dots running across the screen see image below.

Navigate to your SharePoint site. Assuming all went well you should see the image listed in the example ‘Beverage.jpg’ see image below.

Success see image below.

This concludes the lab exercise.

Congratulations. You have now completed the first lab in this course and gone through the experience of creating a simple app.

If there is demand for further presentations, I will expand upon this presentation by adding additional Power App capabilities for example automated file naming, uploading multiple images, description and audit meta data.


In this lab you learnt how to create a simple MS Power App using ‘add picture control’ plus ‘button’ to send the image to ‘Flow.’
You learnt how to configure ‘Flow,’ to use a ‘Power App connector,’ add a ‘condition’ adding ‘Outlook’ to send email and using ‘attachments’ to send the output to ‘SharePoint online (SPO).’
Finally, how to add your ‘Flow’ to ‘Power App’ and test your app to send an image to ‘SPO.’


I highly recommend gurus John Liu and Paul Culmsee. Their blog articles are brilliant.

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